About Ashtanga Yogshala Rishikesh, India

About us

About Classes/Course :-
★ Ashtanga Mysore & Led Classes will Resume from 2nd Week of February.
★ 1 Month Ashtanga Course/Classes will start from 1st of March 2017, Which includes Ashtanga Yogasan Series, Basic Indian Philosophy, Pranayama & Meditation.
★ This is not Teacher Training Course and we don't give any Certificate after the completion of any course.
★ Classes are designed to deepen Yogasan practise and to encourage practitioners to do Mediation more.
★ No Particular Alignment / Adjustment classes are given in this course, which means we don't teach particular class on Adjustment / Alignment.
★ Alignment / Adjustment are given in Mysore class to those practitioners only which need it and is given only when it is very necessary.
★ Meals & Accommodation is not provided in this course.
★ In case of any changes in the schedule you will be informed.

Ashtanga Yogshala provides traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa classes in Mysore - Led style and Flow- Stretching Classes.
Mysore Class :-
Where practitioners practice any series of Ashtanga Vinyasa on their own and teacher is there to give adjustment, new posture if students are ready and to observe their practise. I personally prefer and emphasise more on this method/style of practising Yogasan.
Led Class :-
Where Teacher lead the class and students follow all together.
Less preference on practising this way.
Flow - Stretching :-
My own Flow - Stretching class based on Ashtanga Vinyasa Series included Meditation and Pranayama.
Purpose of opening :-
The purpose of opening this center is to encourage yoga practitioners to do the self practise of Asan & Meditation to make them aware about the Self and to know the Self through continuous practise of meditation to understand the right meaning of "Yog"
Mediation and Study of Vedanta is the key to know the Self, which needs continuous Practice with full Dedication, Devotion, Surrender, Discipline and Patience Vs just focusing only on Practising Yogasan.
Practitioners of any sort of Yogasan should Understand, Accept, Follow and Feel this concept.
Practising only Yogasan is most of the time misunderstood as Goal of Yog which can be seen amongst many practitioners in present. It's nothing but just a waste of time.
Adi Guru Shankaracharya says "if you have a ability to reach the submit in 1 day then only a fool - ignorant would waste & wait years or a whole life doing other things "
This statement of Jagat Guru states that we must know the goal of this human life and attain it without wasting even a single second indulging in worldly things.